Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let the shopping begin!

It's been a wonderful weekend in Nashville. The weather has been amazingly mild -- temps topped out in the 70's and dropped down to 60 at night. Great for exer-walking (to get in shape for the trip)! In fact, these are the kind of temps we'll encounter early in the trip; it will only get cooler as the weeks go by. Which is part of the reason why Greg & I went through his closet and dressers to survey his wardrobe and determine what he needs to buy for the trip. The shopping actually started yesterday when Greg ordered a Rick Steves backpack, hanging toiletry kit, and sleep sack (Rick Steves is offering free shipping on all purchases this weekend). I took notes as Greg tried on various clothes he hasn't worn in awhile and started making a list of the things that need to be replaced or that he doesn't already own. I thought we had a reasonable list (ie, he wouldn't need to buy too many new things) until Greg informed me that he does not want to look like a dork and will not wear, for example, a burgundy cotton long sleeve t-shirt with navy Haggar microfiber trousers and tan Columbia suede leather slip-on walking shoes. To my credit, I was just trying to save him some money. To his credit, he's totally right!!! We did some online research this afternoon, just so he could show me what he would like to wear. We decided that a trip to REI is in order tomorrow. Maybe I will post pictures of what his existing outfits would have looked like, versus what he ends up buying. I'm sure we'll all agree that the new stuff will look much better together!

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