Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016: My Year in Numbers

I started to write a traditional post listing things I had accomplished this year and my goals for 2017. But that seemed boring, so I decided to change the format a bit. Enjoy!

1 time I rode a bike nude (at the World Naked Bike Ride in June)
I actually wore a bra and a lace thong

3 stories written for Oregon Beer Growler plus 4 briefs
one of my features was about Bent Shovel Brewing

1 scholarship won (to attend a beer-related course at OSU) Thanks Pink Boots Society!

1 business license filed (A Smartt One)
The Zythos Project's Brauler (one of my clients)

1 audition for a television commercial - I didn't get the part but it was good to practice!
but I was in a TV commercial for the Oregon Lottery in 2013

10 blog posts (this one makes 11)
including two posts about the awesome team at Culmination Brewing

7000 photos taken and edited
most of which are of travel, scenery, beer, food, plants, and rainbows

2 new tattoos
in Banff

at the Beer ProAm

1 bone broken (coccyx) - the video shows how it happened although not during this particular run

6 times I was sick with sinus infections and/or bronchitis (it’s time to move to Hawaii)
or Miami?
doing volunteer work in the Dominican Republic on the lovely Fathom Adonia

4 sets of guests hosted at our apartment
our friends Jeremy and Eva Rees visiting from Seattle
The Campbell's from New Mexico with a couple of our local friends

Carol from Seattle tasting some mead out of the barrel at Oregon Mead and Cider Company
our friends The Offutt's visiting from Chattanooga, TN

3 times I couchsurfed with total strangers
this is Mr. Peabody and he belongs to Kat, my host in Fargo, ND

8 modes of transportation used (cruise ship, plane, train, car, bus, light rail, streetcar, bicycle)
on the Amtrak Empire Builder from Portland, OR to Fargo, ND

10 times we ate a dozen free wings and drank a $0.01 pitcher of beer at Alameda Brewing Co. (I won a Facebook contest for 12 months of free wings and beer)
Greg eats the wings, I share the beer

100+ breweries visited
Logsdon is one of the most scenic

500+ beers tasted
this is how you do it

18 burgers consumed during Portland Burger Week (in four days because I was out of town for part of it). Thanks to Caren Rockwood for making this possible by sharing most of them with me and for chauffeuring!
Kells' shepherd's pie burger was one of my favorites (and I ate it by myself)

7 states visited (not just passing through) - this includes my 50th state (North Dakota)
I even got a certificate and a free t-shirt!

9 countries visited (my life total is now 60+)
this is Fuego Volcano near Antigua, Guatemala

2 continents visited (my life total is now 6; only Antarctica remains)
a panorama of Cartagena, Colombia in South America