Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm Engaged!

Greg officially proposed to me on Memorial Day, 30MAY2011. No, we were not riding camels or elephants, skydiving, or in a particularly exotic or romantic location; we were just sitting outside (alone) on my mom's porch in Orlinda, TN, talking about the future. Pretty much when I was least expecting it, Greg took both of my hands, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. Once I got over the actual shock (that he was being serious), I said yes, of course!!!
We had actually talked about marriage before our RTW trip and considered incorporating it into our travels. I even researched the "legality" of getting married in most of the countries that were on our itinerary. Some places required waiting periods, notarized affidavits of eligibility to marry, or other country-specific legal documents that would be difficult to obtain on the road. With our minimal advance planning, tight budget and timelines, it wasn't really feasible to "tie the knot" during the trip.
After spending most of our time apart during our first couple of weeks at home, Greg & I were really missing each other. We both felt that sooner than later we needed to make some decisions regarding our future. With no obligations nor ties to any specific location, we have so many options to choose from!
One of the things we would like to do before we "settle down" in Portland, OR next year is volunteer in one or several of the National Parks in the western United States. We are willing to give weeks or even months of our time to environmental protection & preservation. Unfortunately, most of the longer-term summer positions, especially ones that provide basic housing & food, are already filled. So we have also looked into paid positions (mostly entry level and at minimum wage) that offer on site housing & food for a minimal cost. We are also considering further extended travel to a number of places including Central & South America.
I'm sure you are now wondering when & where we're going to get married. Honestly, we are still deciding.. We are not going to have a "traditional" ceremony so Las Vegas might be the perfect (and fun) solution. Then we'll most likely have receptions/parties in Nashville, TN and Greentown, IN (for Greg's extended family). We'd like to make all of this happen before August! As for a honeymoon, we'll incorporate that into our travel plans for the remainder of 2011.

I love you, Greg, and I am proud to be your fiance and future wife!

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  1. aww so sweet
    by you mom and stepdad ronnie :-)