Sunday, January 2, 2022

Highlights of 2021

While it would be just as easy to write a very long post about the challenges I faced in 2021, it's equally important to celebrate the positives. So here are my top 10 memories of events last year.

January 12
January 26
My husband and I flew from Guayaquil to San Cristóbal (with seven pieces of checked luggage and four carry-ons!) and, 10 days later, moved into our new-to-us apartment.
March 30
I officially became a Galápagos resident!
April 25
This is the first day that I have photos of me in the ocean. I'm still adapting to being surrounded by wildlife in the water!
May 3
We received our new bikes (ordered via WhatsApp and flown in from Quito) and went for a sunset ride to Playa La Lobería.
May 8 & 29
We got our first and second doses of the Pfizer vaccine.
June 12
We celebrated Fabian's birthday at Hacienda Tranquila with a big group of friends who hail from near and far, including our new sailing friends from New Zealand and Germany.
July 5-14
The absolute highlight of the year: our honeymoon in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, and week-long cruise on the Samba, during which we swam with an orca and a giant manta ray among other amazing adventures!

October 7
While we had some enjoyable days during the four months we spent on the mainland, most of which involved spending time with friends or celebrating local holidays, I worked too much and was beyond stressed about Fabian's health and the insurance drama we encountered while trying to get him treated. Still, in the spirit of focusing on the positive, a few highlights would be going to Ecuador's World Cup qualifier on October 7, as well as a couple of LigaPro Serie A games on October 24 and November 7 (all of which you can read more about at Groundhopper Soccer Guides).
December 22
We finally returned home to Galápagos!