Saturday, April 24, 2021

We're Crowdfunding Our Honeymoon!

Dear blog readers and followers of my excellent adventures,

Fabian and I celebrated our three-month wedding anniversary on April 12. Since announcing our marriage in January, many of our family members and friends all over the world have asked how they can send us wedding gifts. Initially, we were telling people to wait until they can come visit us. We now realize that for many people that won’t be possible anytime soon, and for others, it’s just not possible at all. Also, the cost of sending a tangible gift to Ecuador is prohibitively expensive due to international shipping costs and high import taxes. So with that in mind, we decided to crowdfund our honeymoon!

Due to the pandemic and complications of traveling outside of the islands at the moment, we have decided to keep our adventures closer to home. Fortunately, we live in one of the most unique places in the world for exploring and experiencing nature, the Galápagos Islands!

While we have both had a chance (me in 2019, Fabian over the past 25 years) to visit many wonderful places in the Galápagos, there are still many more neither of us has ever been. That is why we have decided to go on a very unique cruise on the Samba Yacht. It's the only boat that visits Marchena Island, and the only cruise that operates this particular route, which goes to a total of 12 places we have never visited before!

We have included more details about the boat and the itinerary in our Honeyfund wish list. We've divided the cruise into daily activities and categories of expenses so you can easily choose for what exactly you'd like to contribute to our dream honeymoon.

Thanks so much in advance for your love and support, and for helping us make our dream a reality. We can't wait to share our honeymoon (well, the photos anyway) with you!

Our Honeyfund Registry