Thursday, September 6, 2012

Don't blink or you'll miss me!

Well, that's not entirely true. If you're paying attention, you can spot me fairly easily on the most recent episode of Leverage, "The Real Fake Car Job." On Grimm, I wouldn't expect anyone to know that sexy cop checking on the Parks & Rec worker at the scene of the accident is me. So I'm going to make it easy for you, by posting screen shots from both shows here.
what Gina was really saying to Tim is "Did you see that extra we just walked by? She's amazing!"
For this episode of Leverage, they hired over 100 extras to help stage a fake car show called Portland Vintage. We filmed on a golf course in Clackamas on May 8th, a beautiful, sunny day. I think we ended up working almost 12 hours to get all the shots they needed, after which most of us were severely sun burned. To their credit, they did provide sunscreen, which I applied repeatedly, but unfortunately there were not many places to stand in the shade.
that's me getting some fake water from a cooler
Considering the shoot took place in an area 14 miles from where I live, not easily accessible by public transportation, I was very lucky to be offered a ride to the set by one of my coworkers, Brett Kelly. He's a regular extra on Grimm (look for him as a cop at the precinct) and I believe this was his first time to work on Leverage. We always have fun hanging out together.
I was actually encouraged to bring my camera as a prop for this shoot. Normally we are forbidden to photograph anything on set and especially are told not to communicate any details about the show in advance of its air date. But in this case they wanted the car show to look realistic, which included having attendees take pictures of the beautiful old cars.
that's me in the beige top & black skirt taking real pictures at the fake car show
I know I could have faked taking pictures, like I've previously done as a CSI on Grimm (where I was even complimented by the star of the show, David Giuntoli, for "the best fake picture-taking I've ever seen"). But I couldn't resist the opportunity to take real pictures and have had to wait until now to share them with you: Leverage 507 Picasa web album
me as a CSI photographer on Grimm "Bigfeet" - Season 1 Episode 21
As for the latest Grimm episode, this is the scene that was shot on my birthday, July 12th. Another scorching summer day, but luckily we were filming underneath the Morrison Street Bridge so it was easy enough to stay in the shade. Of course, wearing that heavy polyester-blend cop uniform, gun belt, radio, etc. takes its toll after 8+ hours on set!
the birthday girl cop
This was also the occasion of the infamous incident when one of the fluffers (my word for the makeup/wardrobe people that tend to the lead actors) walked up to me and, with no warning, started wiping/massaging my left butt cheek, apparently to remove an imaginary spot. When I whirled around, startled, he said "Don't worry, I'm a professional!"
see, no spots on either cheek!
I haven't been working on the tv shows as much lately, primarily because I'm staying busy with other projects. But you'll still have a chance to see me on the next Leverage episode (508 - in a white lab coat) and on the season finale (Episode 515). I also worked on a skit for Portlandia which won't air until January, 2013. Just don't blink or you'll miss me!
Oh, and if you'd like to watch the latest episodes of Grimm & Leverage and see me in action, here are the links:
Grimm: Season 2 Episode 4
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