Thursday, March 2, 2017

Recap of the 2017 Oregon Beer Awards

Since my friend and fellow beer writer, Ezra Johnson-Greenough, has already posted a comprehensive write-up about the winners on his blog The New School, I am going to share some of my photos from that evening.
Me and Maude Haney
The Greenneck Daredevils provided excellent musical entertainment
Logsdon wins their second gold medal of the evening
pFriem wins Best Brewpub Experience
Ben Edmunds accepts one of Breakside's 10 total OBA medals
Dr. Tom Shellhammer impresses with his German language skills.
He is teaching my upcoming Origins of Beer Flavors & Styles class!
Marielle Cowdin gave an inspiring speech about
protecting Oregon's wild places, wildlife and waters.
While I was hoping my friends at Culmination Brewing would take home some medals,
at least they got recognition for their excellent Burton Ale brewed in collaboration with Bill Schneller.
Ezra Johnson-Greenough announces the finalists for Best New Brewery.
Alesong was the well-deserving winner.
Baerlic wins Brewery of the Year - Small
The Commons wins Brewery of the Year - Medium
Breakside wins Brewery of the Year - Large
Finally, here's one of my favorite photos taken at the end of the event with Steven's phone:
Hilda Stevens, Steven Shomler, me, Jen Ulrich
The video of the entire 4+ hour event can be seen below.